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A few thoughts from some of my Clients………..

“Helen Moon was like the calvary coming over the hill every afternoon.”

Andrew Mccarthy - Actor

'In today’s information age and the vast array of instant and conflicting advice regarding raising a child/baby, Helen moon proves the tried and true approach of common sense, and the basic instinct to love and nurture will always win the day and set the foundation for healthy and happy children and parents.'

Jann Wenner - Rolling Stone Magazine

'Faced with TRIPLETS, we immediately (and urgently) engaged the remarkable services of Helen Moon. From day one, she got our kids on a schedule. Helen’s loving, can-do philosophy is based upon the radical, common-sense notion that consistency is comforting and that constancy is reassuring. Our kids were all weaned off pacifiers at two months, and before Helen left us, she got all three sleeping twelve hours. Yes, I said it – 12 hours, through the night. (It is possible, folks, and even our pediatrician was stunned.) Our kids learned very young to self-sooth and today they are happy, independent, loving, confident one years-olds. Without her, we find ourselves constantly asking, 'What would Helen Do?’

Scotch Ellis Loring & Todd Holland - Actor/Singer & Director/Producer

Being a new mom is both exciting and scary. There is so much baby information from books, the internet and people giving you advice. Its almost information overload and you are not sure what to do. When we met Helen Moon, I immediately felt at ease and felt more comfortable as a new mom. Helen’s many years of experience, her calm personality and tips and tools, made me relax and know we had everything we needed to cope with a newborn. I thought I was prepared but within a few days of Helens arrival, we discussed the additional items I needed for my baby such as aquaphor, bottles, unscented diaper wipes and many of the basic items I didn’t have already. Helen also helped me with breastfeeding and helped me get on a pumping and storage routine which helped build my milk supply. I wouldn’t have been able to gain the confidence, education and have my baby on such a good routine and sleeping through the night at 3months without Helen’s help. Helen became a part of our family, we honestly didn’t want her to leave!

Melissa and Dr. Edward Akkaway

If Mary Poppins had an i-phone, an endless supply of love and affection and an expert level of experience with infants and toddlers her name would be Helen Moon. Helen Moon is the gold standard by which all baby nurses and Nanny’s should be judged. Over the first year of our childrens lives she helped raise our daughters from the moment they were born until they could walk. It was a time of not being scared, but pure happiness mostly because Helen was there to guide, suggest, teach, fade into the background when necessary, laugh and encourage. It was a truly joyous beginning into the world of babies and parenthood.

We have Helen to thank for all that.

Max Mutchnick & Erik Hyman - Creator of Will & Grace / Entertainment Lawyer

My daughter was such a delight in the hospital. Calm, quiet, the perfect baby. By the time we got home, she was crying, or rather screaming herself into a restless sleep for an hour or so. By the end of day four, my husband and I were at our wits end. Nothing we did, and I mean nothing soothed our child. We tried everything. I was very bruised and beaten up from labor, on top of being sleep deprived, people started to really worry about me.

My mother-in-law said, 'have you ever thought about getting a night nurse?' I didn’t know they existed. But the idea sounded like my only salvation. I started calling friends who had babies. The same name kept popping up in each conversation. HELEN MOON. You must call Helen Moon. I couldn’t dial her number fast enough. When she answered the phone, I was immediately calm. Her voice sounded like an angel. When Helen arrived at my home the next day, I had been counting the hours as none of us had slept. Helen walked in and I began to cry. She sat us down, asked a couple of questions and then took charge. She then gently took the baby out of my arms, swaddled her, and my daughter fell fast asleep. Helen slowly and thoroughly taught my husband and I how to read my daughter’s cues and get her on a schedule. In no time, my daughter was sleeping through the night. She was a different baby. Happy and thriving. Helen, being from England was a trained professional and certainly knew what she was doing.

I would joke with her that she was our 'Mary Poppins.' She saved our lives, so to speak. I don’t want to give away any of her precious baby secrets, but what she taught our family will carry on with us for the rest of our lives. My daughter Is the happiest baby on the block because of HELEN MOON. We can never repay you for your wisdom and kindness. Here is to the best teacher, friend and savior in our lives. And our daughter thanks you too for showing mommy and daddy the way.

Kristy, Mark and Maddin Murphy

'Helen Moon truly is the best in the business. We feel fortunate to have found this kind and compassionate person. She helped us out during those first few wonderful (and challenging) months. As first time parents, we will forever be grateful to Helen. We got some much needed rest as we knew our daughter was in the best possible hands. We learned so much from Helen. Long after her time with us had ended, we continue to reach out to Helen with questions. She is always totally responsive offering invaluable advice. BTW -- because of this gem - we have a baby who sleeps through the night!"

Chloe and Kirk Sommer

Helen has an amazing gift for babies. She has done an incredible job of translating this gift, along with her extensive knowledge and experience, into easy to read and understand guidelines for those of us without her experience. Her method is gentle and it really works! It’s a great book for both first time parents, as well as parents who don’t want to repeat the mistakes they made the first time round, who want to ‘get it right’ this time.

Sandee Paige and Kevin Brown

As a first time mom, one of the greatest experiences at the beginning of this amazing journey has been working with Helen Moon. She lovingly has stepped into our lives with her nurturing magic and most importantly, she has armed my husband and I with tangible tools and knowledge to allow us to feel empowered. Now moms and dads everywhere can have a glimpse into the treasure trove of advice and insights from Helen.

This book is the perfect handbook for any parent for those delicate first six weeks and beyond. Helen's guidance takes the guesswork out of the process and allows any parent to be able to truly be present to this most joyful time as they discover this deepest love. Every parent is lucky to learn from Helen!

Elizabeth Berkley Lauren and Greg Lauren

Helen Moon, baby nurse extraordinaire, bestows us with a must-read for new moms - an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan that will bring you peace, joy, satisfaction, and most importantly, sleep, in those crucial first 6 weeks of your precious baby’s life. “Cherish The First 6 Weeks” is the next best thing to having Helen in your home!

Gigi Levange Grazer

Helen Moon came very highly recommended to us. And with good reason. She really helped us understand the needs and wants of our newborn son. She's like the baby whisperer.

Sir Elton John and David Furnish

Helen Moon is a gift. As a single dad I relied on Helen to help me understand my daughter's needs, the absolute importance of consistency and most of all, to relax. Helen made it all effortless and I am grateful for her wisdom, guidance and compassion. My daughter is healthy, happy and on a schedule!

David Kaminow

Being a new mom can be overwhelming and exciting and nerve wracking! Helen Moon taught me how to trust my instincts and helped me find my confidence which was the biggest gift

Zoe Winkler

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